Cialis brand vs Cialis generic - which is better?

Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor used for the treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. Many men often deal with difficult performance problems sometime in their life. These problems include not being able to ejaculate, retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes into the bladder instead of out of the penis and the inability to keep an erection once one has occurred. This is a very serious issue with many people out there, as the situation always make affected men to often feel depressed with low self esteem. It makes such people to feel less of a man and leave them wondering how to cope. However, the introduction of cialis has raised the hope of many and giving a hope of better days ahead. This supplement is indicated for the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction (ED), men with the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and men with both ED and the signs and symptoms of BPH. It is one of the safest and the most effective way to find permanent solution to the problem of ED in men. The process involve is very simple and less stringent and you can expect positive result within the shortest possible period of time, provided you are able to implement the use of Important safety information for CIALIS® (tadalafil) tablets. 

However, there are debates about Cialis brand Cialis generic, as some argue that one is better compare to the other. Though, study and researches have showed that there are many advantages to buying the generic version of brand name medications, but not everyone is comfortable buying generic medication and in most cases, this discomfort is due to misinformation. If you have erectile dysfunction, knowing the difference between Cialis generic and Cialis brand medications can help you make informed treatment choices. A product review of both Cialis generic and Cialis brand medications will go a long way to help you to get familiar with all the necessary information about the two which will not only be of great help to fully understand all their do’s and don’t, but will also go long way to help you determine the best that will suit your needs.  

Ingredients in Medication

This Is an important factor that can help you to determine your choice between Cialis generic and Cialis brand medications, but as long as you make your purchase from a reputable online or street store pharmacy, the chemical compounds of the two will definitely be exactly the same. Tadalafil is the primary active ingredient in both versions of this medication. However, some Cialis generic medication usually has additional ingredients which may not be found in the brand name, and these additional ingredients are usually added to help delay ejaculation or improve erection. But whether it is the brand or generic name, the two are both effective and of the same quality. They are basically designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. They work in the same manner and react in the same way, but it is strongly advice that men should never take any of the two for any other purpose and without the prescription of an expert.  

Price Comparisons

The major difference between generic and brand name cialis is price. Cialis generic cost a fraction of the price for brand name cialis medications. And it is because of this, that most consumers always assume that the brand name is of high quality compare to the generic. Many are of the opinion that the difference in price has something to do with the composition and the quality of their ingredients used during manufacturing. But this is not so, as the difference in the price has do with the cost associated with developing the drug. Manufacturers of brand name have to be bear the addition cost of developing the drug, since they have the right to it, but generic manufacture may not have anything to do with this, since the “recipe" for the medication is patented by the original developer and manufacturer and once that patent expires, other companies will be allowed to create generic versions of the medication. 

Moreover, both cialis brand and cialis generic are available in the market, but generic cialis makes erectile dysfunction treatment more accessible to men, because people can easily get cialis generic online from various internet stores, with ease, and at a cheap price compare to the brand.

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